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An EIFS system (also called acrylic stucco system) is an exterior cladding system that offers insulation, water-resistance, and beautifully finished surfaces on any home or building. More and more people are choosing to use EIFS for their building projects.
It’s a synthetic stucco that offers more options and benefits, including liquid-resistant layers and textured finishes. 

It’s important to remember that EIFS is system, not a product. Following the requirements for the system ensures it works properly and lasts longer. SaskStucco has qualified EIFS installers who have been trained, tested, and certified through the Quality Assurance Program of the EIFS Council of Canada. 

You wouldn’t ask a plumber without training to work in your home. So, why not hire a stucco contractor with full training and certification to work on your home’s exterior? 

EIF cross section
EIFS cross section


The National Energy Code of Canada was released in 2013. It details how builders can help preserve energy and prevent heat loss in their homes. One of the major suggestions is that 2/3 of a home’s insulation needs to be on the outside walls of the house. EIFS is one of the only exterior home systems that offers this level of insulation. 

Saskatchewan has yet to fully adopt the National Energy Code, but Sask Stucco is dedicated to serving the needs laid out in the Code to create complete energy efficiency for our clients. 

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